#0009: We breed our spiders tough

Why do products built by large teams fail so often? #product

Scientists are trading in lab mice for hundreds of mini-brains on a chip. #cognitive

Smart machines are not a threat to humanity. Smart machines are a threat to humanity. Well, which is it? They both can’t be true. But maybe the real threat is that automation and machine intelligence bring about the end of the middle class. #cognitive

If we manage to create AGI, then perhaps we can use some of the first stable semisynthetic organisms as components of her corporeal body. #cognitive

Did you feel like you were being watched on the Tube recently? Well, it may be because TFL has been tracking you via your mobile phone. Here’s what they learned. #bigbrother

Yet again, the pace of change in machine intelligence is staggering. Here’s a TensorFlow-based image recognition system running on a RaspberryPi. What’s a RaspberryPi you ask? It’s one of these things, and you can buy them for about £5 or so. #cognitive

Are you worried you’re not getting enough exercise because you’re spending too much time at nightclubs? Well, now you can with: Ministry Does Fitness. #icantthinkofahashtag

As the owner of both a 4th generation AppleTV and an Amazon FireTV Stick, the news that Apple has hired Amazon’s Fire TV head to run the Apple TV business is interesting on two fronts. Firstly, with as much press as all of the other streaming media devices might get, the AppleTV is still the only device that can reliably synchronise audio and video streams for any length of time. Even though I use my FireTV all the time, the BBC iPlayer, ITV and Ch4 apps often lose audio synchronisation after about 45mins of viewing requiring a restart of the app. This just doesn’t happen on the AppleTV (4G). Secondly, I wonder if this signals a renewed interest from Apple in the AppleTV as a platform? The AppleTV is the obvious vector for Apple to compete against Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home. If only they would commit the necessary resources. #interactive

So last year: BitTorrent. So this year: Kodi. #solastyear

So much for peak Uber, Dubai is planning a drone taxi service that skips the driver, and the roads. #autonomous #mechanised #cognitive

Here’s the fist two parts of a four part series on Understanding Abundance, part 1. Part 2. Parts 3 and 4 to follow. If this piqued your strategy juices, check out Aggregation Theory by Ben Thompson from Stratechery. #abundance

Fancy honing your algorithm skills? Try this form Kahn Acadamy. #algorithms

Up next: 55 things learned as a 19 year old VC. #investing

Only in Australia

We breed our spiders tough” in Australia. Watch this redback spider take down a baby snake. #onlyinaustralia

Friday Teaser

There’s no prize this week (as I’m away on Friday). So in lieu of the joy of a logic puzzle, here’s some Valentines Day Word Problems. #happyvalentines