#0020: Plenty of bull sharks

Lab-grown ‘mini-brains’ mimic brain development. #cognitive

Google and Facebook duped in huge ‘scam’. #cybercrime #security

Making claims about being “the world’s most secure communications protocol” is a risky proposition, because you just know it’s going to invite security researchers to check out how secure things really are. In this case, it appears the vendor might have some work to do. #security

Farcebook’s next big thing is apparently QR codes? Really?! It reminds me of this quote: “QR codes are the roller-skating horses of advertising.” #qrcodes #rollerskatinghorses #facebook

The expressiveness of modern programming languages is such that they are now almost at the point where they can be considered as a replacement for mathematical notation. #programming #maths

If you’re feeling great about the world today, then here’s your remedy. “The three hot trends in Silicon Valley…” has a really thorough slash at the Gig Economy. #employment #gigeconomy

In more uplifting news, Venki Ramakrishnan speaks to Edge Magazine about structural biology and how we are just starting to work out the fundamental molecular processes that go on inside cells. This will hopefully open up entirely new ways to combat disease. #medicine #biology #disease

Whilst thousands of the world’s best mathematicians, scientists and engineers chase a computational answer to artificial intelligence, Roger Penrose — one of humanities greatest living mathematicians — thinks that consciousness is not computable. What is fascinating about this story is that as far as the rest of the scientific and mathematical community is concerned, Penrose (notwithstanding his obvious genius) has completely lost his mind on this one. #computational #cognitive #grabspopcorn

If you have ever had a bad boss, then the idea of creating a new kind of distributed, autonomous organisation (“DAO”) that has no CEO, CFO or VPs sounds appealing. The DAO structure attempts to get rid of the traditional layers of management and replace them with software, a blockchain, and some smart contracts. Here’s one example of such a distributed governance model, called Fermat. This is a complicated proposition, and not without its problems, but fascinating nonetheless. #organisation #structure #business #blockchain

Jes Staley (Barclays CEO) says “#fintech won’t challenge us. There’ll always be a Barclays.“ #famouslastwords #fintech

Relatedly, here’s how Google will collapse. #google #collapse #controversial

Like cricket? Like big data and machine learning? Often dream about the two coming together? Your dream has come true. #cricket #computational #cognitive

Only in Australia

When I was a kid growing up in Newcastle, Australia, I spent a lot of time swimming, wake-boarding, and just generally mucking around on or in the water on Lake Macquarie. I may have made some different choices had I known that MASSIVE BULL SHARKS WERE SWIMMING AROUND UNDERNEATH ME! #onlyinaustralia

Friday Teaser

Today’s puzzle is a weighty one:

You have 8 balls all of the same size. 7 of them are the same weight, and one weighs slightly more. How can you find the ball that is heavier by using a balance and only two weighings?

An extra helping of gravity to the first correct answer, plus eternal plaudits as usual.

Last week’s answer:
Cross out nine letters from the list of letter below to spell out a single word: