#0022: Horizontal enabling layer

Jeff Bezos isn’t afraid of artificial intelligence. He describes AI as a “horizontal enabling layer” that will “empower and improve every business, every government organisation, even philanthropy”. Given the success of Amazon, it may be worth listening. #cognitive

Following on from their very good AI Primer, A16Z has created another fantastic resource: AI Playbook. Well worth your time. #cognitive

Assuming super-intelligent AIs end up being a thing (which is far from guaranteed, Stuart Russell thinks that the very human characteristic of uncertainty might be what saves us from catastrophic robot takeover. #cognitive

Here’s ten myths about machine learning. Mandatory reading for non-techs who want to get a sense of what AI can and cannot do. #cognition

While we’re on myths, another topic that has a lot of questionable reporting is blockchain. Here’s five big myths about the Bitcoin blockchain. If you really want to understand how blockchain tech plays out, consider the impact to financial services when clearance and settlement coalesce to happen at the same time. So, even if it’s not the Bitcoin blockchain that eventually wins (and it probably won’t be), there is a non-zero probability that some blockchain tech breaks through into widespread use. Which one, and over what time, are the big questions. #blockchain

If you want something a little more challenging, but at the same time using an intuitive rather than deeply technical explanation, try this: Neural Networks: A Brief Introduction and Intution. And another one. Both quite good. #cognition

If many of today’s job disappear within decades, what is the meaning of life in a world without work? #employment automation

A professor from my undergraduate university in Newcastle, Australia has developed a ground-breaking solar panel printing technique. #solar #renewables

When your new multi-billion dollar office block requires it’s own patented pizza carrying case to stop the crust from going soggy as you walk back from the canteen to your desk amongst 12,000 other workers. #architecture #spaceship #apple #pizza

Widely reported, and so included here too for completeness: Google’s AI as a Service. #cognitive #helloskynet

We hear a lot about autonomous cars, what about autonomous ships? #cognitive #autonomous

Shared mobility platforms (in a variety of formats) are going to have a big effect on the automotive industry. #automation #mobility

Sites that prevent people from pasting in passwords are not only user-hostile, they’re actively lowering the security of their site. Stop it. #security #youredoingitwrong

Peter Reinhardt, co-founder and CEO of Segment, shares his story on building different products and eventually finding product market fit. #product

Should we blame Harvard Business School for some of the world’s ills? A new book seems to think so. #harvard

This guy’s dancing skills are simply incredible. #dance

Only in Australia

Not such a good news story from Oz this week: Koala numbers have shrunk by a quarter in 20 years. #onlyinaustralia #sad

Friday Teaser

This week’s puzzle has a diabolical twist:

Can you rearrange the five letters below so they spell out the name of an animal:

Double points divided by two for the first correct answer.

Last week’s answer:

The monster weighs 200kg. Two halves make a whole, so if the monster’s total weight is the sum of 100kg and half the total weight, the other half must also be 100kg.