#0026: Pole dancing koalas

Source: Markus SpiskeUnsplash

Google announces Tensorflow Lite, a neural network library for mobile phones. #cognitive

Competing at the sharp end of machine learning is starting to get very expensive. Renting the “necessary 800 GPUs from AWS for a week would cost around $120,000 at listed prices”. #cognitive #computational

This is really, literally, mind-expanding: spiders appear to offload cognitive tasks to their webs, perhaps joining humans as one of a number of species with minds that extend beyond their bodies. #cognitive

I’ve linked to several bearish articles on ICOs and tokens in general in the last few weeks, but maybe there is more to this? Chris Dixon thinks tokens are a breakthrough in open network design. Fed Wilson thinks (with a few caveats) that ICOs are a legitimate disruptive threat to the venture capital business. There is even some suggestions that they might transform AI. I’ll maintain an open mind, but it’s certainly true to say that we are at the very early stage of this technology. #blockchain #ico #cryptocurrency

Is there something deeper at work with ICOs? Could cryptoeconomics (the study of economic interaction in adversarial environments) be a way to understand what is going on? #blockchain #cryptoeconomics

Jargon watch: Programmable Matter — matter that can change its shape or physical properties such as shape or optical characteristics based on user input. #jargonwatch

Here’s another attempt to allow users to forget about passwords. There’s been a few of these kind of things over the years, but none has ever really taken off on a global scale. The SecureLogin FAQ attempts to answer the obvious questions about why this will succeed where others have not. Unless Facebook, Google, or Apple implements this, it will only ever be a curiosity. #security #passwords

The question of “options versus cash” comes up often when discussing comp in the start-up world. This article presents a series of really good arguments why the value of stock options isn’t always as high as companies would have you believe. #employment #comp

Straight out of the omg-thats-bloody-crazy files comes this story of five men who agreed to stand directly under an exploding nuclear bomb. What’s fascinating about the story is that there were 6 men involved, and only 5 of them volunteered. The story doesn’t say what compelled the 6th man (photographer) to be there. #omgcrazy

Here’s a question that I have never pondered: how many Nerf bullets do you think it would take to kill a man? #deathbynerf

Only in Australia

This woman came home to find a pole-dancing koala in her home. #onlyinaustralia

Friday Teaser

Something grandfatherly to kick off the weekend:

My grandfather was born on the first Sunday of the year. His seventh birthday was also on a Sunday! In which year was my grandfather born?

It’s bound to all start happening for the first correct entry in the comments.

Last week’s answer: If you sound them out, they are all British rivers: Dee, Exe, Forth, and Wye.