#0032: Third thumb

Image source: @aowsUnsplash

The Third Thumb Project aims to give people an extra thumb. Just what we all need. #extradigit #prehensile

We’re just starting to see some prototypes and demos of augmented reality with Apple’s new ARKit framework in the upcoming version of iOS. These demos are amazing: virtual wooden doll, virtual history lesson, plus a few more. #wow #augmentedreality

This three-storey house is being designed, planned and built predominately by robots and 3D printers. #3dprinting #printahouse

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018. Is it possible that these new data laws could end up bankrupting some companies? #privacy #pii #data

And speaking of data, more than 14 million Verizon customer’s data exposed on unprotected AWS server. #privacy #pii #data #breach

The phrase “data is the new oilcomes up a lot. But is it? The PPI has a counterpoint: The Economic Impact of Data: Why Data Is Not Like Oil. This handy comparison chart make it easy to see the PPI’s argument. #data #oil

In a paper released by Facebook’s security division, Facebook has acknowledged that ‘malicious actors’ used the platform during the 2016 US presidential election as part of a campaign ‘with the intent of harming the reputation of specific political targets.’

What can NASA teach Tesla about the limits of autopilots? #automation #mobility

Audi’s new A8 will have Level 3 autonomy via ‘traffic jam pilot’. #autonomous

Analysts have given IBM Watson a Wall Street reality check. Of particular interest is this: “… AI isn’t an amorphous black hole that sucks in unstructured data to produce insights. A solid data pipeline and a domain specific understanding of the AI business problem at hand is table minimum.” Yep. #cognitive #computational #burn

Self driving cars? Sure. Self driving supermarkets? Why not!? #autonomous

Two major Australian banks have successfully used blockchain, instead of paper, for bank guarantees on commercial property leasing. It’s a just a proof-of-concept at this stage, but an interesting use case outside the normal ones touted. #blockchain

Here’s some more crazy crypto(currency) factoids and insights from a VC. #cryptocurrency #blockchain

These cryptocurrency market capitalisation charts make it easy to see just how inflated bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets have become. Notice the sharp drop-off in valuations starting July 2017. #transactional #cryptocurrency

Are you ready to trust a machine with your life? A team of researchers at Stanford University, led by Andrew Ng, a prominent AI researcher and an adjunct professor there, has shown that a machine-learning model can identify heart arrhythmias from an electrocardiogram (ECG) better than an expert. #cognition #medicine

Once we fully trust machines, what’s next? One possible future is the Algorithmic Economy, where machines determine how effective workers can be, and how little they can be paid in the process. #cognitive #futureofwork

Ever wondered “what is space?” Read this to bend your mind. And the space it occupies. #space

Only in Australia

This Queensland man decided to take a ride on a local train. With his refrigerator. #onlyinaustralia

Not to be outdone, this Texas man found himself trapped in an ATM and slipped “help me” notes through to the cash dispenser. #onlyintexas

Friday Teaser

Count along with me:

If 1 person can be considered LONELY, but 2 people are a NETWORK, how many do you need for them to become THREATENING?

Consider the network effects before answering in the comments.

Last week’s answer: Papa, Echo, Hotel, Whiskey, Romeo & Juliet. All NATO Phonetic Alphabet references. Source: Adapted from GCHQ Puzzle book.