DOn’t quIT! | M.E. Rhyme

You will hit a wall…but it’s just a facade holding you back. An obstacle provides the opportunity to reconsider, get creative, or break through to new spaces. You are much stronger than the obstruction…

M.E. Rhyme | | DOn’t quIT!

Occasionally you hit a concrete wall,

Then are forced to choose,

Do I stop there,

Or push forward with nothing to lose?

How can I soften things,

Carefully walk the line,

Be mindful of consequences from straying,

Yet add colors that are mine?

Steady persistence through difficulties,

I will remember “Don’t Quit!”

Concealed messages of reinforcement,

You can “Do It!”

About | My mission is to prove positivity inspires your best, while conscious decisions ensure support from others, leading to results. So smile, be considerate, and embrace the outcome.

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