4 Weighty Reasons to Create & Strengthen Your Company’s Social Media Profiles

Social networks have already become an essential part of our lives a while. In fact, they have created their own revolution by changing our way of life, and even the way we behave and communicate with others. Who does not look back and think about the years in which to buy a product had to leave the house and go to the neighborhood store. The online world has drastically changed it. The fact is that it has been so, and life is not going to be the same again including our businesses approaches and practices.

Some may think that now it is better now, whereas others do not find it good enough, but it does not remove the fact that it has changed forever. To those who are dedicated to the world of communication and online marketing, we are almost always surprised by nothing. Many entrepreneurs who have spent years, and even decades, with their businesses using traditional techniques do not believe that very existence of social media or the fact that social media networks can serve them, and are reluctant to change.

It was very well said by Aristotle:

“Man is a sociable being by nature to satisfy his physical and spiritual demands and he needs to live in society, since being a rational and individual creature, is not self-sufficient and requires the help and protection of others, therefore, form communities.”

For this reason, I have gathered some weighty reasons to give when answering to the question “Is there any reason to keep my business presence in social media networks?” There are really many benefits of using social media platforms from the business point of view, which I have summarized in this post.

1 — Improve and Increase Sales

The first thing to keep in mind is that the business mindset is bound by the achievement of tangible goals, which is making money, so the number one reason and the main goal of social media strategy is to do and generate more business. Communication objectives i.e. interacting with clients, generating trust, being transparent, etc. are not the goals, but the means to achieve the ultimate goal that is the economic one.

What if the company is a family SME that is viable and does not want to expand? Then the goal will be the maintenance of your customers and loyalty, but in the end it results in an increase in repeat purchase and an increase in sales of the product or service. Consumers have become more demanding and if you do not give what they ask, they will look for another that does.

2 — Announce with Little Budget

The second motive is also linked to money, because we do not fool ourselves, as the economic benefit is the raison d’être of any business or company. Marketing actions on social networks do not need a big budget and, little if you invest as long as you do it correctly, which is usually very profitable.

In fact, 53% of companies actively use social networks to get new customers. 44% of companies that used social media saw an increase in their turnover. 39% of the companies spend up to 20% of their advertising budget for social media.

3 — Amplify Any Type of Message or Announcement

This is probably one of the best known advantages of social media networking and used by all, since we can reach thousands, and even millions, of people with very little effort, money and time. This causes the swift speed of propagation and diffusion of the content in question, whether text, image or video.

4 — Provide Quick Answers and Direct Attention to Customers

One of the most important things to explain a businessman who is reluctant to be on social networks is that, although he does not believe it, his clients have changed, because society in general and consumer society has changed hugely. Now the consumer is called Prosumer because he is more demanding, more informed and very active in buying process.

Now the consumer wants a quick response and direct attention and, like everything in life, if you do not give it to him, he will look for someone who does. If you are on social media networks, you have the possibility to respond whenever he needs something.

The smart ones in this regard use their social media profiles as a means of customer service.

I hope you will take the advantage of social media networks if you have been thinking about making them buy have not yet set yourself in motion for this purpose.

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