Open Markets Statement on the Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Antitrust Agenda and Monopoly Resources

The following is from Barry Lynn, Director of the Open Markets Program at New America.

Following the statement are contacts for further comment.

“The Democratic Party’s new focus on America’s monopoly problem is an important step forward in fixing what’s really wrong with our country,” said Barry Lynn of the Open Markets Program.

“The Democratic plan (as described this morning by Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi) aims to help protect workers, independent businesses, and our democratic institutions from concentrated economic power. Democrats appear to be returning to their roots, which is to fight to ensure liberty and opportunity for every American.”

“For more than 35 years, both parties have embraced a competition philosophy that put the rich and powerful first. Democrats must clearly reject the Chicago School philosophy of “consumer welfare.” Democrats must put the interests of citizens and democracy first.”

“At Open Markets, we look forward to similar statements from the Republican Party. Monopolization is not a partisan issue. All Americans oppose dangerous concentrations of power. Both parties should therefore stand up for individual liberty, local communities, strong families, and American democracy.”

Below are resources from Open Markets researchers on the problem of monopoly power.

Terminal Sickness (Airlines) by Lina Khan and Phil Longman

The Slow-Motion Collapse of American Entrepreneurship (small business) by Barry Lynn and Lina Khan

Time to Fight Health Care Monopolization (health care) by Phil Longman

The Evidence is Piling Up — Silicon Valley is Being Destroyed (productivity and tech) by Matt Stoller

Amazon Bites Off Even More Monopoly Power by Lina Khan

Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox (history of antitrust law and tech platforms) by Lina Khan

Obama’s Game of Chicken (rural and ag) by Lina Khan

How Monsanto Outfoxed the Obama Administration (rural and ag) by Lina Khan

The Decline of Black Business by Brian Feldman

Return of Monopoly by Matt Stoller

Bloom and Bust (regional inequality) by Phil Longman

Real Reason Middle America Should Be Angry (regional inequality) by Brian Feldman

Market Power and Inequality (inequality) by Lina Khan and Sandeep Vaheesan

Estates of Mind (patents and innovation) by Barry Lynn

Democrats Must Become the Party of Freedom (political history) by Barry Lynn

How to Make Conservatism Great Again (political history) by Phil Longman

Democrats Can’t Win Until They Recognize How Bad Obama’s Financial Policies Were (political history) by Matt Stoller

How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul (political history) by Matt Stoller

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