2undr Dayshift Boxer Briefs Review

1st part double-header for 2undr

5 min readNov 4, 2017


  • Product Link: Here
  • Material(s): 48% Modal / 48% Cotton / 4% Elastane
  • Style: Comfort — Boxer Brief
  • Price: $30.00 Pair
  • Approximate Steps To Friction: ASTF 10,000


These have taken the lead in great packaging.

The first thing to note about these is that I actually had to sign for them. They are so concerned about making sure you get your underwear that you have to sign for them.

I put these slightly ahead of David Archy. If you wanted, you could put them on a bookshelf then display them. I really do love that brands are taking their packaging to the next level. It shows that they really care about the products that they are sending out.

The Joey Pouch

Unfortunately, during my lunch walk the Joey pouch started pinching my ball-sack and taint. For my body style, the Joey pouch is more of a detriment. Which is a let down, as in theory it seems pretty nice.

The pinch happens, because the fabric is so good at clinging that it almost attaches itself to your skin. When the fabric folds, as it has been known to do in tight spaces, it pinches. The pinch did stop around step 8,800. My guess is that the fabric let go a little while I was moving.

Comfort and Chafe

These were middle of the line when it came to softness. They weren’t stiff, but they weren’t all that soft either.

These have a good waistband. After my walk in the morning the underwear stayed put. They actually were still covering my crack. The legs also were not riding up even at 5,000 steps. After 10,000 steps there was only about an inch of crack popping out. It didn’t cause any discomfort, and many times held the underwear where it should be for most of the day with only a couple readjustments.

Hard friction almost chafe started around step 10,000. Normal chafe zones had a ton of friction. I didn’t chafe, even at 14,000+ steps. With the amount of discomfort I was feeling. I might as well have.

So, I wasn’t walking bow legged. However, I wasn’t just cruising along with no issues either.

Moisture and Odor

I’m really kind of sad about these. I really thought that these were going to blow me out of the water. I ended up taking them off sometime in the evening, because they were still pretty soggy. They don’t really dry rapidly either. Even though I do my walks in the afternoon. Well into the evening these are still pretty wet. So, instead of blowing me out of the water. They kind of just let me wade in the water. With my soggy man diaper. Thinking… Oh man. I wish I didn’t have a soggy man diaper on.

After taking them off. I did notice that my thighs were really sticky. If I didn’t have another pair of boxer briefs ready. Or wanted to wear boxers I would have ended up chafing.

They did do a good job at odor control. At least if I am going to be soggy at work. I’m not smelling soggy.


Yay another shitty warranty.

This is really starting to bother me. If you are spending a good amount on underwear you should be able to return them. Even if 2undr has to eat the cost they should be behind their product enough to take the return, and at least allow an exchange. At least for the first pair you try. Mack Weldon can do it. Mypakage can do it. There is no reason these guys can’t either. In my opinion Mypakage is their direct competitor. So, you would think you would want to at least match them.

I am really getting fed up with companies that think they are changing the underwear world, but aren’t willing to actually put enough faith in their products.

I was even willing to exchange them for a different model. However, I can’t. Which means that these guys lost me as a customer. I did already buy a different model. Which I will review, but I am really apprehensive about attempting to get the one model I didn’t get.


For me these are a pass. They just didn’t WOW me. For the money that they charge they should WOW. Their return options are frankly pretty shitty. So, you would have to take the gamble. For me that gamble isn’t worth it.

They still were uncomfortable at the end of the day. There are many better options at the same price point.

Why are these great?

  • Their packaging is bad-ass.
  • They care a super ton about their underwear. So much that you have to sign for them.

Who would want to stay clear?

  • Anyone who has had issues with fabric pinching their ball sack.
  • Anyone who wants a good warranty out of their expensive underwear.