Calvin Klein — Men’s Pro Mesh Boxer Brief Review

4 min readDec 24, 2017


  • Product Link: Here
  • Material(s): 93% Polyester / 7% Elastane
  • Style: Performance— Boxer Brief
  • Price: $19.99 — Costco 3 Pack / $6.66 pair
  • Approximate Steps To Chafe: ASTC 9,300

Man do I love Costco!

I spotted this duzy of a deal!

Hey, twenty bucks for three. I’m down! We do really love Costco after all. I do think that these are one of those situations where a fashion brand manufactured a specific good for Costco. I couldn’t really find much on Calvin Klein’s site about these specific boxer briefs.

They also didn’t have them listed on sale on the Costco website either. I think the sign might have been lying to me.


They are going for “no-thrills” packaging. Standard box, although it is better than the majority of the Hanes packaging.

Build quality and appearance

Build quality is about average from what I am seeing. They do a good job of making the outsides look pretty good. The seams on the inside are a little left to be desired.

You can also see from the pictures that the seams are popping up on the inside. This is a no-no nowadays. Ideally, you want flat seam both inside and out. If you are a company that is going to choose. You should opt more for flat seams on the inside. While it might not look as good. At least your customer is going to be more comfortable. Speaking of comfort…

Comfort and Chafe

Upon putting these on they rolled down just about as fast as I put them on.
I had a little bit of itching. However, it was much better than most other performance briefs with a mesh. So, I would say comfort wise. If you have worn a mesh performance brief, and are good with the comfort level. I would say that you would be happy with these comfort wise.

Around step 9,300 I hit chafe town right on my taint. My theory on why I chafed in these is, because they kept rolling down in the back, but would stay up in the front. So, my taint didn’t get that sweet separating fabric that it normally uses. My thighs were covered though. So, it held most of the chafe at bay.

Idid like the waistband on these quite a bit. Even though it rolled down it was still really soft and didn’t dig throughout the day.


The smell oh the smell! These are probably some of the worst I have tried for odor control. I think I would have smelled better if I had been wearing no underwear. It’s almost like the odor had time to incubate in these.

I didn’t even walk anywhere, and odor became an issue. After my morning walk, I was getting sack smells. These were actually working worse than the tidy whities. My chair actually had some sack smell on it. Not cool Mr. Klein! Not cool!


If it wasn’t for the odor, this underwear would be a great value pair. If you are paying less than 7 bucks a pair some compromises need to be made. So, I could get on board with it not having top-tier chafe protection. It does well enough for the price.

However, the odor control just isn’t there. I need to not smell like ball-sack while I am sitting at work.

Why are they great?

They offer good chafe protection at a great price.

Who would want to stay clear?

Anyone who has ball sack smell issues.