Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Boxer Briefs Review

Testing out Favable’s top pick. To see if they are actually the best.


  • Product Link: Here
  • Material(s): 89% Nylon / 11% Elastane
  • Style: Performance — Boxer Brief
  • Price: $19.95 Pair
  • Approximate Steps To Chafe: ASTC 10,000+


I came across these by searching for top boxer briefs. Sometimes, I like to see what over opinions are out there. I found Favable’s top picks for 2017, and these were on it. One of the things that they pointed out is that these are another pair of underwear that has elastic in the leg. Mack Weldon is another pair that uses this method, and I like it a lot. Even though it pushes in on my skin from time to time.

I am a little upset that I couldn’t get the purple in these. The purple was selling 6–8 bucks higher than the grey. So, I just had to go with the cheapest option. It gets a little annoying staring at damn black underwear all the time. It seems to be that the most common colors that are available are black, red, or bright orange. It’s a little odd. It’s harder to find purple, which I am a huge fan.

Gotta Love A Giant Ass Waistband

This this is the same size as the Tommy Wiseau Boxer briefs, and larger than two butter knives laying flat. That is one big ass waistband. As soon as I put these on. That giant waistband just folded over.

The funny thing about waistband size is that a larger waistband doesn’t mean that it stays up any better. Most of the time it ends up folding over. It is more comfortable than the Tommy Wiseau Boxer briefs. The waistband doesn’t dig into your skin the way the TW BBs do.

It’s the little things

One thing that I do love about these is the elastic bands in the legs.

These bands allow your underwear to stay put on your legs while not requiring a long leg brief all the time. Another pair that uses this technique is Mack Weldon(insert link). However, with Mack Weldon the bands were a little too snug for my liking. These bands seem to find that happy medium between support, comfort.


I was a little light on my steps during testing, but they were still over 10,000 step days, each of the days. The underwear made it with no issues. Hopefully, at some point, I can get the review updated with a higher step count. But, until then, you should be safe in not having to worry if you walk a 10,000 step day.

Odor and Moisture Control

They do really well at moisture control. The wicked moisture away, and my “Number 2 Test” was found to only have a little bit of moisture still in them when I pulled them up.

Good odor control. Not great, but good.

Verdict: Are they really the best?

These underwear are super comfortable even for a pair of performance boxer briefs. They provide great moisture control with good odor control. The waistband is giant and folds down, but it isn’t the worst one that I have had.

Are these the best? I don’t think so, but that is purely subjective. My dilemma with this is that if I had two pairs of underwear sitting in front of me. One being the MyPakage boxer briefs, and the other being these. I would choose the MyPakage. They are much softer than these, and you can usually find them for a little less cash. However, that isn’t to say that someone else might not make the other choice.

Not being the best can still mean that they can be a good buy which these are. I would highly recommend these as a buy.

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Originally published at on April 13, 2018.