David Archy Ultra Soft Bamboo Basic Boxer Brief Review

I’m trying to figure out if an amazon daily deal can really uncover a hidden gem.

5 min readSep 1, 2017


  • Product Link: Here
  • Material(s): 92% MicroModal® / 8% elastane
  • Style: Comfort — Boxer Brief
  • Price: MSRP $45.00 – 4 Pack / $24.99 - Amazon 3 Pack / $8.33 pair
  • Approximate Steps To Chafe: ASTC 14000

The Amazon Origin Story

I had never heard of David Archy until a week before the start of writing this review. I just bought these and the Modal pairs, because they were on an Amazon daily deal. They had good reviews, and appeared to be a little different from the standard boxer brief. I wasn’t disappointed.

Epic Packaging

These things have like the best packing I have seen in a pair of underwear. I had other pairs in front of these I could have done, but they were just so well packaged I wanted to get to them. I also decided to take a couple extra photos of just unboxing these things.

Just in case you were wondering the cellulose fiber is bamboo.
There is even a silica packet in each one of these boxes.

Build Design and Quality

They did have tear off tags, which I hate, but they sewed it on which I love. When tearing off the tag it doesn’t leave anything but a thread.
Actually not a huge fan of the penis pouch. The seams just felt a little uncomfortable around the pouch. I do like the thought of it though. My theory is that it allows the fabric too cling as much as it can your body because it doesn’t have to smoosh up your balls. Allowing the greatest a amount of skin contact on your nethers.
We have a good waistband, and I really wished that these things had an elastic strip in leg bands.
Great stitch placement. There are no stitches down the middle, and everything is double stitched and triple stitched.

How about a walk?

I stepped outside for my walk and it was hot AF. I started sweating as soon as hitting the sidewalk. I knew these things had their work cut out for them.

As soon as I started walking my butt-crack started popping out. This isn’t unusual for most of the bamboo underwear that I have worn. For me this was on par.

Then this happened…

Oh No She didn’t…

Oh yes! Sia — move your body came on, and I was like, “Oh man gotta get my fat guy fast walk on for this. This is my mother F’ing jam!” So I started to speed walk like no other, and really started pushing these things. The fabric did start to run up at step 8700. I didn’t chafe though, that was the important thing.

Comfort and ASTC

The fabric was really light. It might not be the softest, but the softest fabrics are usually heavier. If you are looking for a softer fabric Jinshi has these beat. However, Jinshi just like any softer fabric is going to have a little more heft to it.

The waistbands for these things do bunch, and roll. After wearing the other David Archy’s. The waistband on these are the most comfortable out of the three styles. I’ll take the bunching in exchange for more comfort.

They survived my first long walk and 11,000 steps. I hit 14,000 and started to chafe on my second walk. The second time wearing these I was able to pull 11,000+ step day with no chafe. I would consider these a success. 14000 steps is really high, and most people won’t hit that much.

While they did hit chafe at 14000. I’m still going to say that these weren’t that bad for most of the first day. They were also perfect the second day. You also get that great ass-crack view.


They are really good at moisture absorption. There is a catch. These underwear will hold on to a decent amount of moisture. I went “number 2” a couple hours after my walk. When I went to pull them down they were soaked from sweat. I couldn’t bring myself to put them back on. I just had to free-ball until I could go upstairs and grab a dry pair of undies.

My skin felt dry after I pulled them off. Which means most of the sweat stayed with the underwear. Even though I sadly had to go, and grab a second pair.

This was the theme all of three pairs. Which makes it even more doubtful, that it was just a fluke of the day. They all held a ton of moisture, but kept holding it internally.


These things has good odor control. You have to get them to the tip of your nose to really smell anything.


I would recommend these as a buy. They have a few minor holdups, but they really are great underpants. I have worn them in a variety of conditions, and they held up as well as any pair of underpants can.

If I could have one improvement it would be to get a no-roll waistband on these.

They get the Fat guy Sia seal of approval.

Why are they great?

  • Reasonably priced especially on Amazon daily deals.
  • At an ASTC of 14000 you are looking at a chafe-free day.
  • Amazing packaging! The $34 dollar a piece Mac Weldon’s aren’t even packaged as well as these things are.

Who would want to stay clear?

  • Anyone who can’t stand their waistband to roll.
  • Maybe someone who is doing a 14000+ step day on average?