Exofficio Men’s Give-N-Go Sport Mesh 9 inch inseam Review

I can’t wait to tell you how well the Amazon favorite held.

5 min readDec 31, 2017


  • Product Link: Here
  • Material(s): 94% Nylon / 6% Spandex | 92% Nylon / 8% Spandex
  • Style: Performance — Boxer Brief
  • Price: $32.00 / Pair
  • Approximate Steps To Chafe: ASTC 30,000+

Underwear Origin Story

The first time I bought a pair of Exofficio, it was back in 2014. I was looking for something that would hold up better than the champion boxer briefs. These were the first pair of underwear that I tried explicitly to look at my chafe problem.

It was one of my better decisions regarding my underwear. I still have that pair from 2014, and it’s holding up, even to this day with no holes.

If Mack Weldon’s are my standard backup pair, I bring these in when the standard just won’t cut it. Sometimes, I chafe so bad that even the Mack Weldon’s won’t suffice. That is when I bring in the big guns. These are the big guns. Like an elite soldier, the Exofficio comes in when nothing else is working. They set up shop and get shit done.

Comfort and Chafe

There was an unfortunate time where I ended up having to wear these two days in a row. It happened because I forgot to put another pair of performance boxer briefs in the wash. I needed a performance pair for the day after as well.

I walked over 30,000 steps in those two days, and these things held up to the challenge both days. They have been able to last even longer than that, but there was no way I was going to wear them anymore. I just felt terrible for them at that point. Nothing should have to be attached to me for 48 hours.

Even through 30,000 steps I didn’t hit any chafe.

Even through the course of 30,000 steps, I didn’t hit any chafe. This isn’t to say that they didn’t have problems. These do have a tendency to roll down at times. Even when I just put them on in the morning, they ended up rolling down when I put them on. These rolled down more for me than a standard length pair does. Due to the midsection being smaller on these than on the standard pair.

The standard ExOfficio (left) compared to the 9 inch (right).

However, life is full of trade-offs. Since as you can see above the legs on the standard are smaller. They can end up riding up more than the 9'’. So, you do have to make a choice. I chose the roll down over having the legs ride up.

Moisture and Odor Control

For moisture, these guys do an excellent job. They pull sweat away and dry it fast. There are sometimes when you can end up with pee-pants, but that’s what you get yourself in for wearing performance boxer briefs.

As far as odor control goes these are pretty much average down the line. Sometimes you can get a whiff of ball-sack if you have been sweating while wearing these. The odor isn’t so terrible that you know you have to rectify the situation with changing into a fresh pair.

Smell is middle of the line.


At $32.00 retail they are pricey. However, they really are worth it. They hold up to a ton of chafe, and the first pair of standard pair of these that I purchased over three years ago still is holding strong with no issues.

You can find these in daily deals on Amazon as well as some sales. Which isn’t standard for decent underwear, you just have to poke around and wait for when you can get the best price. I have found these for approximately $25.00 a pair. Which is still pretty expensive, but they are worth it though.

Weird Little Balls

I have weird little white balls.

Weird little white balls.

Weird little white balls.For some reason, the ExOfficio underwear ends up with small white balls of fabric after prolonged use. In the pair that I have had for multiple years. They are considerably worse than in the pair pictured above. I don’t know what causes them. However, they are worth noting. I haven’t experienced a breakdown due to them. So, I assume that it is just something that gets rubbed out with these.


I still buy these guys. They are a sure recommendation. These are still “my” performance pair. Through all the reviews I have done. These still hold the top spot for me in performance boxer briefs.

They are among the most comfortable. At 30,000+ the Exofficio’s have some of the best chafe control that you can ask for in a pair of underwear.

Why are they great?

  • Awesome chafe control.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Long lasting

Who would want to stay clear?

  • Anyone who doesn’t like extra fabric around their legs.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to spend $25–32 on a pair of underwear.