MeUndies Men’s Boxer Brief Review

How well does the “funnest” brand in underwear hold up to a fat guy with a war on chafe?

6 min readAug 18, 2017

Underwear Specs:

  • Product Link: Here
  • Material(s): 92% MicroModal® / 8% elastane
  • Style: Comfort - Boxer Brief
  • Price: $20 USD single / $96.00 6-pack
  • Approximate Steps To Chafe: ASTC 4,000 (small size) / 10,000 (right size)

Totes MeUndies

MeUndies reminds me a lot of Apple. They make very few products, and try to make the products they do make a class of their own. Mainly with the use of exceptional brand marketing. I don’t know how many podcasts I listened to with a damn MeUndies commercial in them. I guess it worked, because that was the reason I bought them.

My Underwear Conspiracy Theory

What I am starting to notice is that there is a company that I have never really heard of, until recently is becoming a mogul in the “nether region” fabric world. The company goes by the name of Lenzing. The three fabrics I know them best for are Modal, Viscose, and Tencel. The first two are used widely in underwear, while the third is used in Costco baby wipes.

I think this is an important thing to point out. If one day Lenzing jacks up the price of their fabric. All the MeUndies fanboys will have no-where to go for their underoo fix. I’m also going to get really pissed, because we love us some Costco baby wipes in our house. I think that the legion of the “Cult of Costco” would have to take up arms, find Lenzing, and plunder their stockpile of Tencel. Hell hath no fury like a Costco member who gets their Kirkland shit taken away. It’s the only damn items you can ever count on being around consistently.

I’ll get back to the materials now.

Materials Breakdown

Alright boys and girls lets talk about MicroModal and elastane. That is what these bad boys are made out of. Modal is essentially a wood derived fabric. Wood derived fabrics are getting pretty huge. They are getting pretty huge, because they are usually better at moisture control, and odor control than cotton.

Although the one thing I don’t understand is why all these new engineered fibers compare themselves to cotton. When they should really be comparing themselves to other engineered fabrics. It’s like there is a damn war on cotton, that they keep winning over, and over again. It’s really like if you were really proud that you keep beating 1st graders at math. No shit! You have a lot behind you. You should be able to beat a first grader at math.

Then you have Elastane which is essentially spandex. If you don’t know what spandex is. It’s the shit that makes all your other shit stretchy. Hit the Quora link above for more info if needed.

Both the materials themselves hold up to their claims. Modal works really well at moisture absorption, and wicking, and elastine is all stretchy.

Build and Quality

I haven’t had these this long, and you can already start to see the fuzzies around the seams.
The seam is coming out of a pair that is only a couple months old.

They put everything in the right places when it comes to the sewing, it just seems like whoever they use to sew these things aren’t putting in the sweatshop hours to have some pride in their work. I keep getting fuzzies around the seams, and the seams are coming undone. This isn’t just one pair. This is a pretty standard theme from a ten pack that I got as a gift a couple of months ago.

They do place the seams in optimal positions. They are off-center from the crouch, and the seams lay flat to prevent from chafing. Which I will say, that I don’t chafe due to the seams while wearing these.

MeUndies did send me a note back about why the threads were coming undone. It has to do with not washing the underwear in cold water, as well as drying them on low heat. I didn’t know at the time, that most boxer briefs need to be put on these settings. I was so used to cotton boxer briefs when I first purchased MeUndies that I forgot to check that additional care might need to be taken with these.

Approximate Steps To Chafe and comfort

The stories I am about to tell you give you a pretty good idea of why you need to double-check the size against the actual inseam measurement. With my first go-around I was unaware that I was actually a size 2XL in MeUndies. As opposed to a standard large that I am in cotton boxer briefs.

The “Too Small” Size

Immediately upon putting them on they rolled down and rode up. After a couple minutes it was looking like I was wearing a pair of boy shorts. Which I would be OK with if these were supposed to be boy shorts, but they are supposed to be boxer briefs. Shame on you MeUndies.

Since they turned into boy shorts my body had no chance. As soon as I put on my pants I could feel rubbing on my inner right thigh. That quickly spread to both. The upper thigh chafe started first around step 4000. I repeatedly attempted to pick my underwear out of my taint, and pull them down my thighs with no luck. Those assholes were gonna ride. Like bailing water from a sinking ship I knew what was happening. I was going down.

The “Just Right” Size

After getting these in the size that matched my inseam. These were like night and day in terms of difference. I was able to have a 10,000 step day with no problems. I didn’t see any chafing on the horizon. I still had the same issue with these things rolling down, and my back-crack being exposed for the world to see. However, the chafe was gone. Which was pretty huge.


The modal holds up like I would expect. It does a decent job at odor control.


These were really a lesson to me, in how to make sure you need to double-check sizing before ordering. The only way to get these to work with your body type is to make sure that you get a good fit. Once, you do that. These are a recommended buy.

I have softer underwear. I have more absorbent underwear, and underwear that was way better build quality at a lesser price point. The underwear I am alluding to does not have MeUndies brand prowess.

That isn’t a knock on a brand either. They were only one of two companies that when I posted a review made sure to provide some feedback. Which to me is pretty huge.

Why are they great?

  • They are super soft.
  • They provide good support for your package.
  • They do a decent job at pulling away moisture at the places they cover.
  • They are their brand.

Who would want to stay clear?

  • Anyone who feels strongly about their ass-crack showing in public.

*Updates reflect response from vendor as well as changing out for the correct size. Also, updated the smell chart with the correct color.