Nautica Knit Boxer Flash Review

Should have read the package better.

2 min readAug 28, 2017

The reason this is a flash review, is because I already know these things wouldn’t survive a day. I really should have read the package when it just said boxer.


Material(s): 95% Cotton Modal / 5% Spandex

Price: $14.99 3-pack (Costco) / 39.99 3-pack (website)

Style: Boxer (Should have read the package)

Here are some shots to show build quality, and all the normal goodness.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. They are soft to the touch, and really light. So light that if you stretch them you can see through them. I think these might be a good fit for maybe the night time. Something to sleep in. I can see their breathability working out well in the bedroom.

You’re also looking at a good price if you are a Costco member. At $14.99 for a three pack. Five bucks a pair isn’t too bad. However, you have to go to Costco to get that price. From the Nautica website they are running like $39.99 for the three pack.

I would still put these above tidy whities. At least you can still walk around the house in them at night. They also are a lot more breathable than a pair of tidy whities would be. I would rather my junk be flapping around than being pushed against me.

After a night with these they might not even be an option for nightly use. I still woke up a little sticky, and that normally doesn’t even happen with comfort boxer briefs.


I wouldn’t by these again. I apparently didn’t mean to but them in the first place. I can’t do boxers because they provide no support, and no moisture control. Without the moisture control sticky thighs run rampant.

These would be a hard pass.