Pair Of Thieves SuperSoft Boxer Brief Review

Lets see how another brand that claims is the best underwear in the world holds up.


Product Link: Here
 Material(s): 47% modal / 47% cotton / 6% spandex
 Style: Comfort — Boxer Brief
 Price: $20.00 / Pair | $51.00 / 3-Pair
 Approximate Steps To Chafe: ASTC 4,500 or ASTC 12,000+

9.8x Softer?

One of the issues I noticed before I even put these on is a lot of claims from these. One of them most notably being that these would be 9.8x softer than anything I am used to. For me this is incorrect right out of the gate. After feeling these things, right off the top of my head I can tell you that Meundies, Jinshi, and MyPakage are all softer than these.

When I put these on they were actually a bit stuff. Due to their stiffness they started rolling down. They also were pretty itchy as well. They rode up with little to no effort on my part. Which also contributed to my weird results.

The first two times I wore these they hit 4,200 ASTC, and 4,600 ASTC respectively. Then, on wears three and four, I hit over 12,000+ ASTC both days. The lower ASTC days I was at work, and the higher days I was at home. For me, this is pretty unusual. I haven’t had such a difference in chafe due to just location change. It might take some more testing to find out if the first two days were just a fluke or the last two days were the fluke.

We have a good day.
We have a bad day.

They do have a really good waistband. It’s large and really soft. I wish that this waistband was on a number of other pairs of underwear.

Moisture and Odor Control

Odor control is in the good category. You can smell something, but it isn’t that bad. I would say it sits somewhere in a 2–3 inch distance. This was pretty consistent no matter if I was at work or at home. So, at least there’s consistency there. In terms of moisture. All my “number 2” (it’s where I take a shit then put the underwear back on) tests. Have also had a good result for moisture. They hold on to a little, but not a ton.

Value and Warranty

Right off the bat the warranty sucks. They are like a few of the other high priced vendors that don’t completely stand behind their product. This is where companies like Mack Weldon and myPakage really put their money where their mouth is.

I did contact them about my order, and they were really fast to respond to my ticket. I thought my order had gotten lost, but in reality it got delivered later that day. I wish they would have sent me a tracking number, but it isn’t that big of an issue considering they arrived one business day after I placed the order (Friday to Monday).

I also like their bear if that counts for anything. Maybe the bear took away the good warranty. Maybe too many bears were trying on these pair of thieves, and the designers were like “No Bears! We can’t have you trying on all these underwear. Then attempting to return them! We can’t do it anymore! We are are losing way too much money on you damn bears!”

At least that’s my hope for what happened…


These are really hard… These are the first pair that gets a designation of, “it depends”. The results of my super scientifical tests are essentially inconclusive. Some days chafe control was horrible some days it was great.

Even the fact that these were a bit stiff. I could see someone wanting a soft, but not super soft a little stiff pair of underwear. For those people these would be great.

They are staying in my underwear drawer, but I wouldn’t purchase them again.


Originally published at on February 9, 2018.