Under Armour Boxerjock review

Sometimes Under Armour stuff can be great. Then there is other times. Like this time, where it is a definite miss.

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Under armor can be hit or miss

It makes me wonder about Under Armor as a company. Do they just have too many people working on too many things?

For the money that they charge. They should be putting out a high quality product all the time. Or, maybe providing a little more information to their customers. About where their products are specifically fit for use.

They have the brand marketing down. So does that mean, to them, that they shouldn’t try?

I do understand based on these reviews that I am probably in the minority, but still. These are things I would like answers to.

Build, Quality, Appearance and Design

They did all the right things when it came to build appearance. However, the key thing that they still need to design for in performance underwear. Which is the legs, got left behind. So, they look nice, but they are totally going to let you down.

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I seriously hate tags. In underwear they are the automatically a put-off.

You already have a silk screened tag in place to the left of the white tag. Why do you need two tags?

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Then you have the edge of the tag still poking at you. Even the cheap pairs of underwear are starting to get rid of tags…

Approximate Steps To Chafe and comfort

I have heard that women know if they are attracted to someone within a couple minutes of meeting them. I don’t know if that is true with women. I do know it’s true with underwear. Within a couple seconds of putting on a pair you can tell if they are going to be a good time or not. These were not going to be a good time.

Putting these on they are definitely a little more stiff than I want in a pair of underwear. They also immediately rolled down. Even trying to “wedgify” these things didn’t help to keep them up. The large waistband just kept rolling onto itself. After the sixth time. I gave up, they were going to stay where they were going to stay.

The waistband rolled down so much that my pants started rubbing my waist. By the end of my lunch walk. My left waist was on fire from the friction of my pants seam rubbing my waist.

Right at the very beginning of my morning walk. Around 1400 steps the friction started in. When I hit 2500 steps I was chafing. To put how well these are performing into context. There is a knockoff brand of Meijer underwear that has a higher ASTC rating than these do. That brand was eight bucks. I wasn’t happy with the performance of the eight dollar brand. I was furious with the performance of these.

Lets just say, I was glad to be done with my lunch walk a couple thousand steps later…

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The pain just kept coming. It lasted in to the next day.


They actually do a good job at wicking away moisture. The problem is that the design was so bad that they didn’t stay where they needed to. So while the pieces that were covered felt like they were not super soggy. Everything that was covered felt horrible. In theory, I can imagine a guy with a body type that these would be really good for. If that guys body didn’t facilitate the riding up, and rolling down.

Mine doesn’t. So, these are pieces of shit.


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You could definitely smell these a few inches away.

Now I’m pissed

These things suck to wear. This is seriously how underwear company start-up stories happen. Some poor unfortunate guy got stuck with a pair of underwear like these and decided that the industry needed to be woken up.

A pair of MeUndies costs about the same, and does better in every category. They still fall short in some, and I would still by those in a heartbeat over these. I mean seriously?! How can a pair of comfort briefs at the same price beats out performance briefs?

I hit around 5900 steps with these, and I was in full hatred of my life. Questioning everything around me. Why am I doing this? Why am I buying underwear just to put myself into pain? Why are my thighs so dam non-gappy? Why am I a broken human being? How do these lose to Meijer generic underwear?

With every chafing step I took it filled me with a little more rage. I felt worse in 8,000 steps in these than I do normally walking 12,000 steps.


I can’t recommend these. I get that other guys might have great results with them, but I can’t. They didn’t work at all for my body or my problem. Chaffing started way to early, and all they did was ride up, and roll down.

Why are they great?

  • They do look nice.

Who would want to stay clear?

Everyone — There are such better options out there. There are options that are cheaper, softer, better wicking, and either costs the same or cheaper.

I just really hate these.

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