Undertech Mesh Sport Performance Review

Yep, really reviewing generic Meijer brand Under Armour boxer briefs. That’s a thing I’m doing right now.

4 min readDec 2, 2017


  • Brand: Undertech
  • Material(s): 88% Polyester / 12% Spandex
  • Style: Performance — Boxer Brief
  • Price: $16.99 USD single
  • Approximate Steps To Chafe: ASTC 8,700

The Spotting

I found these things perusing though the isles of the Meijer. When I first glanced at them. I thought that they were actually Under Armour. They weren’t, and that intrigued me. I am always in the market for a pair of underwear that is like underdog underwear.

My morning wasn’t great with these

Upon putting them on they do ride up the legs a little. They also started doing this weird baggy thing in the middle where they were protruding a little bit. So, it is almost like you have a pouch around your package. I then proceeded to put my pants on, and start getting ready for work. I could already feel rubbing on the inseam of my pants. They also decided that they wanted to bunch up around by butt-crack.

I was not going to be in for a good day.

Starting off on my morning walk I could already feel the heat.

I don’t know if this even really matters that much, but I thought I would mention it. These things don’t have a fly. If you are used to whipping it out though the fly. You are out of luck.

Approximate Steps To Chafe and comfort

The most interesting result of these was around the chafing. Around step 8,700 I would have assumed that the chafe would have happened. They were so bad at moisture control that my legs were like slip and slides. I simply didn’t chafe, because I had to much sweat acting as a lubricant.

This changed pretty rapidly after that. I hit 9,200, and my thighs were chafing from the inseams of my pants. It was all downhill from that. These are another pair where the chafe ends up going into the next day.


They did come in decent packaging.

Build Quality

Upon initial viewing of these things. I thought that the quality looked pretty respectable. They used a mesh in spots where you would want more of a mesh. While the sticking from the outside looked pretty solid.

Then I started to notice something wasn’t right.

You start to notice that the stitching is already coming undone.

How they cut the fabric above. Wouldn’t be a huge deal if the stitching was better. The problem is that the stitching isn’t going to hold together for very long.


Moderate to High Odor


From the very beginning these things were deceptive. They stayed deceptive up until the end. Sadly I can’t recommend these. Alright, sad not sad. I’m all for finding that store knock-off that performs better then the real deal. This just wasn’t it.

Sitting at $17 you can pick up a lot of other stuff that aren’t knockoffs, and are better quality. Both in appearance, and performance.

Why are they great?

  • I really do think they still look pretty good.

Who would want to stay clear?

  • Anyone who wants a pair of underwear that absorbs moisture.