Underwear Leaderboard Update (Oct. 1st)

Here is the top five as well as the link to the complete list below.


I am planning on alternating the leader-board update with reviews. Which means I am reducing the frequency of reviews to every other week. I realized that if I kept up at the pace I was I would run out of underwear I have available to review by the middle of November. It allows me to make one purchase every pay period, and focus on that pair.

Update — MyPakage moved to the top spot. For all the reasons in my review they edge out Mack Weldon. If I had more MyPakage boxer briefs I would definitely move them to my backup pair. The Under Armor Boxerjock have taken the bottom spot, and are officially my worst pair now.

#1 MyPakage — Weekday Boxer Briefs

These have amazing comfort that stays with them even when you walk over 17,000 steps. You can find them on amazon reasonably priced. The vendor has one of the better warranties that I have seen. For me, they have lived up to every promise that the manufacture claims.

#2 Mack Weldon — Silver XT2

The Silver XT2s provide the some of the best comfort with no chafe. I have had 18,000+ step days. These hang on every step of the way. Even though the leg bands can cause some issues. They are still my go-to underwear, or put in my backpack as a backup. When I am researching reviews, or other underwear have failed me.

#3 David Archy Ultra Soft Bamboo Basic Boxer Brief

A ton of thought has gone into every aspect of these boxer briefs. Starting at the packaging, and going all the way down to the craftsmanship of tip of the penis pouch. The amount of attention put into these admirable. They excel at chafing control, comfort, and odor. However, they do come up a little short in the moisture department.

#4 SAXX- Quest 2.0 Performance

SAXX provides superior chafing protection with great odor control. SAXX is another company that really wants to claim they make the top underwear in the world. Which in some cases they meet those expectations. However, they fall a little short in the odor and comfort category.

#5 MeUndies — Men’s Boxer Briefs

To me MeUndies lives in the same world as Apple. They have a limited product set, and execute on it flawlessly. They are also one of the companies who provides excellent customer support. They do fall short as the waistbands will roll, and chafing occurs at higher step counts.

Current Standings for the leaderboard
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