Underwear Leaderboards

Here is the top five as well as the link to the complete list.

1. Mack Weldon — Silver XT2

These currently take the top spot. They provide the most comfort with no chafe. Even though the price is high. They are still my go-to underwear, or put in my backpack as a backup. When I am researching reviews, or other underwear have failed me.

2. SAXX- Quest 2.0 Performance

SAXX provides superior chafing with great odor control. SAXX is another company that really wants to claim they make the top underwear in the world. The only issue holding them from the top spot is they are extremely itchy for me.

3. MeUndies — Men’s Boxer Briefs

To me MeUndies lives in the same world as Apple. They have a limited product set, and execute on it flawlessly. However, they do fall short as the waistbands will roll, and chafing occurs at higher step counts.

4.Tommy Wiseau — Boxer Briefs

Surprisingly, these are probably the best, all cotton, boxer briefs I have worn. At an ATSC of 7300 they last longer on the chafe front than all other cottons I have tried. However, the waistband leaves something to besired. The extra softness, and long legs make them the second choice as my backup when they are clean.

5. Nautica — Knit Boxer

It’s light, and airy. However, these were a mistake from the purchase. They will most likely fall off after another review is published. As they do nothing for chafe, but they nicer to wear than tidy whities.