If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone


“ You think that “what you believe in” matters more than what might happen to other people.” What about the thousands if not millions of people that will die at the hands of the Clinton administration. You sure aren’t caring about those people. Some people don’t like having blood on their hands. You must not be one of those people.

“ Never mind that Bernie Sanders 1) could not get the nomination, 2) could not get elected, 3) could do nothing if elected because his policies are too extreme for the American people” Um, 1) Sanders most likely did win the primary, 2) Would have easily defeated Drumpf, and 3) Many people loved his policies as shown by the crowds that constantly surrounded him. The political revolution would have seen to it that his policies were put in place.

Explain to me again how voting FOR war, death, destruction of the environment, blatant corruption, oligarchy, divisiveness, the destruction of democracy, etc. helps to eradicate any of it. No thanks, I’d rather NOT have a self-serving power and money hungry person be elected by my vote to the expense of the american people and the people of the world. The two party choices will see to the continuation of our march towards our own extinction. To vote for them is tantamount to suicide.

Don’t worry. If the people who rigged the primary even do a quarter as well at rigging the general election you have nothing to worry about.

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