Make the TV Commercials Stop
M.G. Siegler

I absolutely agree with the premise of this post, yes, of course, TV ads are terrible but (and I can’t even believe I’m making this argument) the fact is, there is much more creative freedom and possibility of creative storytelling on a TV spot than there currently is in any type of online ad, even with all it’s targeting capabilities. When was the last time you stopped and watched an ad on the Internet and felt compelled to do something as a result? As bad as traditional TV advertising is, the reality is that digital advertising is just as bad, in fact maybe worse (have you seen banner ads lately?).

Savvy brands are starting to figure this out by way of influencer marketing, sponsored content or advertising on alternative mediums (podcasts, Spotify, etc). The Internet has made the general consumer a much more sophisticated viewer of content, who’s tolerance for lousy advertising is extremely low, and it’s about time.

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