It was 5 a.m. in my fiance’s dorm room at University, mid December, 2016. I had $2500 to my name, a woman to love and support, a child on the way due June, and no job. I saw an opportunity of a lifetime — a chance to learn from many great minds on how to optimize this thing we call life. I spent nearly all the money I had to join the London Real Life Accelerator. It was the best investment I could have possibly made, and I would make the same decision again, and again, and again if given the opportunity.

How many classes have you taken, which you have successfully completed and earned a tremendous grade, and walked out on the last day of class applying anything you’ve worked so hard to recall for the completion of the course in everyday life? Day in. Day out. At home, at the office, in social settings, within the privacy of your family — how many courses you’ve studied have contributed across the spectrum to your life? None like this. God bless your heart, if you’re a monk — and I offer again, none. like. this.

This course has every answer to live whatever life you care to live. And it tells you exactly where you can go to achieve everything you can imagine, and how you can manifest your own destiny—look no further than beneath your own eyelids. Each of our lives is up to us.

No one can convince you, but you. Procrastinate another year, then watch closely where each of the graduates is at in their lives.. and when you’ve gone long enough, we’d love you to join us and see for yourself. We’ll be rooting for you.

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