This…But Also That- Guidance for Generation Z entering the Trade & Development Workforce

We all know the changes to the world of work because of the pandemic: remote working, warp speed adoption of virtual communication tools, decimating some job sectors while creating new ones.

Essentially COVID-19 has disturbed the peace…

I Choose Me

My damn palms are sweating again. It’s going to drip all over the desk, I just know it. Maybe it might even slip from my hand again today and go tumbling down the three small steps making a riotous noise as it falls in slow motion.


As a healthy thirtysomething, I thought it was impossible

Photo: SDI Productions/Getty Images

But I’m Black and I’m in my thirties! These were the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I sat in front of my doctor that day in April some years ago when he confirmed that I had cancer.

I’d long bought into the myth that young Black men were…

Matthew Wilson

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