Yes, Writer’s Block Is a Real Thing
Lauren Sapala

When you put it in context of writing for work I’m sympathetic. I still don’t grasp Writer’s Block in regards to what is (for me at least) an elective and joyful activity. I think of a book like Ulysses or The Waves or anything so fiercely written it seems as if it must have been extremely unpleasant to write. Those books are “interesting” to read, but never really “fun” for me.

Writing in many ways is such a shit way to make money, so for many people it seems the only reason to do it is if they truly enjoy it. When I hear someone describing the sort of “Wow” Writer’s Block you’re talking about here I recoil, I admit. I hate hearing it, but not because I think they should “suck it up and write.” It’s like watching someone beat their children. I want to step in and say, “Hey hey hey! Relax and enjoy these little rascals. They might not be perfect, but they’re yours. You should be the one person loving them. or at least the first person to love them.”

RE: Forgiveness. Word! Yes a million times.

Great piece!

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