That wasn’t the case with early youtube, with the online scene that allowed such great and diverse…

I disagree. Let’s take Chris “Oney” O’Neill and Zach “PsychicPebbles” Hadel, two animators, producers, writers and voice actors producing surreal and offbeat web animations, such as their web series Hellbenders. They both built a huge audience producing their own animations on their own before creating Hellbenders. As Mick “Ricepirate” Lauer said, “Chris and Zach have accomplished what many production studios struggle to achieve: an original, polished, well-animated cartoon studios”. Studios with large budgets and large teams struggle to do this.

You do not need a ton of disposable income and/or a ton of connections. You just need to make the content, hone your craft and build an audience. Did you know Shaq had a YouTube channel? Not many do, because it was fairly unsuccessful, despite having both money and connections.