‘Abstraction’ is a dirty word.
Pete Smith

So you are not actually railing against abstraction, but against OOP (or perhaps what OOP calls abstraction).

As so often things are much clearer cut in the world of functional programming. For example, whenever you can write a function that’s parametric-polymorphic in your data types that’s a clear win over one that relies on concrete types. That’s because you get Theorems for Free. (https://bartoszmilewski.com/2014/09/22/parametricity-money-for-nothing-and-theorems-for-free/)

(I think in Java-ish terms, parametric-polymorphic would be generics.)

The example where too much ‘abstraction’ is bad in eg Haskell would be abusing typeclasses when all you actually need is a list as a container. (And some people would add Ed Kmett’s lenses as an abuse of abstraction.)

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