Getting My Ass Handed to Me by the World’s Largest Hedge Fund 
David Fortuna

Getting fired from my dream job was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I was handed a job at a successful but still young tech startup two years after college after impressing the CEO with an insightful question during a lecture Q&A.

It was my dream job. I was sure I would succeed on my marketing intuition.

I got let go two months later on a Friday at 5pm. No warning, no apologies.

But about 24 hours after walking out the door, nursing my wounded pride, my lesson began to surface:

“You are not in the least bit prepared for work at a startup.”

The one piece of advice I was given just before leaving was “find a job at an established company where they will train you and give you the process you need to make informed decisions.”

My next job was just that. I am learning how to take my marketing intuition (my greatest asset) and combine it with solid process and well-reasoned, data backed arguments. I’m also applying what I learn to my side business which is growing rapidly.

If I didn’t get fired from that job, if I was coddled, I would be just as in the dark about my own ignorance as I was before my startup job.