Using Redux, TypeScript, Deox and RxJS (redux-observable)

Building one of our web apps with pure modern React at Move Digital AG has gotten us far. The codebase was easy to follow and any logic was straight forward and simple to understand. We always made huge progress in short amounts of time.

Until we hit a certain point, where our current project grew so much that the need for a full state management solution became more and more obvious. So I decided to investigate and evaluate possible solutions, inspired by our current needs and the technologies, I loved to work within previous projects.

In this writeup, I’ll assume…

Cutting through the illusions of perfect order

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Since I got my first job as a developer, I always enjoyed attentively following the intense discussions between other developers. While that definitely helped me form my own opinions, there’s actually something way more valuable I got out of it.

It has taught me how big of a factor the self-awareness of each individual team-member is, in relation to the success or failure of a project.

Developers were arguing, stating strong opinions on certain patterns or just the naming of variables. …

Matthias Meier

Senior Frontend Engineer at a FinTech Company in Zürich, Switzerland. Lots of love for RxJS, Angular, React and FP

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