Let me start with a statement:

“The moment you don’t have time for something, it’s because it’s not important enough for you.”

Ask yourself: Where do I don’t have time for? And check how important the task itself is for you. Take just 3 minutes.

Maybe you have noticed that “no time” is in fact an excuse for not dealing with the task itself. Or you want to procrastinate the task or you just think it’s not important enough.

I don’t have time for working out”, it’s a classic. You just think it’s not that important, but you want to…

When you start as a developer there is one thing you lack a lot: Experience. There are patterns you implement, but not fully understand the thoughts behind it. It can be frustrating to implement something in a way it has been dictated by the “Tech Lead”.

It’s not because you have 10+ years experience in software that you are the guru that has to dictate how to implement. Sometimes you miss out on new tech in companies. This because your are “rusted” in your old fashioned (dictated) why of working.

This illustrates the two extremes of “The Senior Tech Lead”…

I failed in writing yesterday, the day was too busy, but most of all I was running after everything. These days seem to happen to me once in a while. It’s all firefighting and nothing really constructive gets done.

It’s not good or wrong that it happened. The good thing for my personal development is that I realize more and more that it happened. Realizing this can be very hard. Some people are working a lot and doing good work. And it leads to not that much (maybe a burnout). This is because they are not present, not aware of…

If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business — it’s that simple

It’s a tweet by Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson.

The main goals I started my business was (let be completely honest here) money. I wanted to make more money by having the ability to work more.

Now.. 8 years in I earn a good living, but the main reason I’m in business now has changed: Making impact in people's life. Having your customers use the products you wrote/designed, the processes that optimised their business, it’s all more rewarding then the money.

When I started as a freelancer 8 years ago.. I was thinking: How much should I ask by the hour for my task as (back then) a junior developer. I remember I started by looking up what others (similar) where asking. Found some numbers.. tried to sell myself as a “resource” to a software company for a modest daily fee.

This “worked” I got hired, I did my work.. learned a lot on the job. Other contract came up and I could almost double my fee by hopping from one to another (freelance).

I used the word job on purpose…

One of my main goals every day is improving myself to become better. This can go very broad: from just “running a bit further” over improving my social skills, to getting to learn a new technology.

Start your day with 1 thing you want to improve on. It’s a very workable approach to start your day.

Yesterday (I write it down the night before) I wrote down “get better at writing”. I found this open startup called: https://200wordsaday.com that could help me on this. The website challenges you to write a small article that consists of min 200 words a…

Most businesses don’t like remote teams. They have the reputation to be very hard in managing, no team spirit, not as productive. This is not the case if implemented good in the culture/core of your business.

Many great startups and online businesses are getting rid of the classic office model and going 100% for full remote team. I’ve listed my experience here.

I’ve been involved in The Offix. We have great products as Lobbipad and Factoripad. Fully remote since the start. I’ve listed some of the tools and how we use them. …

I used to own a Pebble Time Steel, it was a great device, but I broke it (I dropped it) and since then I didn’t wear a Smartwatch, but missed it. Before the Pebble I had an Apple Watch, but that one you have to charge every day. So yeah.. that didn’t work.

BUT some time ago I saw an ad for “The Amazfit Bip”. The name may say nothing, but it’s a watch from Xiaomi. Xiaomi, known for its: smartphones, home devices, laptops,… and Smartwatches.

This is a follow up post on this one.

The Goal today

In the previous post we got the data in the Spreadsheet, now we are going to export them to a PDF and send them as attachment to an email address.

  • Get the PDF from your spreadsheet
  • Use Gmail to send an email with an attachment

Get the PDF from you spreadsheet

So we go back to our Spreadsheet (MyWeatherChannel) and open the script editor:

Opening the script editor

Create a new file script file

Some people may remember Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Think a lot of programmers have at least touched or learned it while studying. It was a fast way to work with data from Excel, Access and even Word.

One of the main use cases for me was connecting to an external API and inserting the data into excel so I could make “interactive” spreadsheets with data from the internet (XML that was).

But I can’t tell the last time I’ve used Microsoft Office in the first place. So my VBA skills are not relevant anymore. I’m more of a Google…

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