Let me start with a statement:

“The moment you don’t have time for something, it’s because it’s not important enough for you.”

Ask yourself: Where do I don’t have time for? And check how important the task itself is for you. Take just 3 minutes.

Maybe you have noticed that…

One of my main goals every day is improving myself to become better. This can go very broad: from just “running a bit further” over improving my social skills, to getting to learn a new technology.

Start your day with 1 thing you want to improve on. …

Most businesses don’t like remote teams. They have the reputation to be very hard in managing, no team spirit, not as productive. This is not the case if implemented good in the culture/core of your business.

Many great startups and online businesses are getting rid of the classic office model…

Matthias Nys

Mobile Solutions Architect — Coffee Geek. Tech Freak. Entrepreneur — Trefork.io | B-NYS.com

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