Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

I used to own a Pebble Time Steel, it was a great device, but I broke it (I dropped it) and since then I didn’t wear a Smartwatch, but missed it. Before the Pebble I had an Apple Watch, but that one you have to charge every day. So yeah.. that didn’t work.

BUT some time ago I saw an ad for “The Amazfit Bip”. The name may say nothing, but it’s a watch from Xiaomi. Xiaomi, known for its: smartphones, home devices, laptops,… and Smartwatches.

The Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

They look quite good, but It’s from China, so I had no clue about the build quality. On the internet I could only find Chinese reviews. Even after “reading” them I ordered it with not hopes nor expectations.


I’m gonna list them in order of importance for myself:

  • Pairing with iOS (notifications)
  • Battery Life: 30days
  • Color Screen (1.28" — Gorilla glass)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (Notifications)
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Compass

As you can see it’s a pretty packed device. But the best has to come: the Price. It costs less then € 60,00 (for the black international version!)

Day to day use

So It arrived 21 feb 2018. (took 4 weeks to get it delivered by Gearbest…). I opened the package and there it was: A nice looking box with:

  • The Watch
  • Charger (USB)
  • Booklet
The box (a bit damaged by the postman I guess)
The watch in the box

Setting up was easy: Just push the one button on the right of the watch for 3 seconds and it starts, waiting to get paired with a smartphone.

on iOS (I use an iPhone X) look in the App Store for “Mi Fit”. After installing the App, create an Account and you are ready to pair.

Pairing is as easy as: “Add Device” and select “ Amazfit Bip”. Make sure the watch and the phone are close together (like in a meter of each other) and the pairing is done.

After pairing the App will upgrade the software. Just give it a minute or 10 to do so.

The app itself is ok, it’s mainly tracking your health.

The Homescreen

Tap on Profile and then on “Amazfit Bip” to get to the settings of the BIP!

Make sure you enable all the notifications you want, because by default they are OFF! Tap more for even more notifications

More notifications


A nice little charger has been added. Just click it in an charge it.

The Watch in it’s charger.


I’m a gadget freak, and I own a few smartwatches. I can only recommend this one as it’s the best one I have ever owned. Durable, Long battery life and very CHEAP!

Ordering is possible on Gearbest, but I’m planning on distributing them in Belgium (my home country) as well. So if you have interest in buying one, feel free to contact me!

About Me

I’m Matthias,

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Coffee Geek.
Tech Freak.

More information about what I do can be found on or my Medium blog. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and or LinkedIn.



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