Attempt 2 — Day 1 (should have been Attempt 1 — day 5)

I failed in writing yesterday, the day was too busy, but most of all I was running after everything. These days seem to happen to me once in a while. It’s all firefighting and nothing really constructive gets done.

It’s not good or wrong that it happened. The good thing for my personal development is that I realize more and more that it happened. Realizing this can be very hard. Some people are working a lot and doing good work. And it leads to not that much (maybe a burnout). This is because they are not present, not aware of the situation they are in. And they keep repeating it. Awareness is the first step to transformation: Being aware of your current situation.

When mastering new skills it’s important that you are making the mastery of it VERY IMPORTANT. Do you want to master it? or do you HAVE to master it? If you answer was the first one: I can almost assure that you will fail at it. If you making the new skill your top priority, it’s a lot easier to get there. It will in the end create an intrinsic motivation.

Still part of my, but still locked out :-(


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