Sell by value, instead of by the hour

When I started as a freelancer 8 years ago.. I was thinking: How much should I ask by the hour for my task as (back then) a junior developer. I remember I started by looking up what others (similar) where asking. Found some numbers.. tried to sell myself as a “resource” to a software company for a modest daily fee.

This “worked” I got hired, I did my work.. learned a lot on the job. Other contract came up and I could almost double my fee by hopping from one to another (freelance).

I used the word job on purpose. The relationship between my customer and me was comparable with a job. Customer setting the price, Me agreeing. Customer asking for work to be done, I’m executing. I basically saw myself as a cost, and so did the customer.

When I realised that (with the help of my business coach, Mario Haneca), I started a mentality change. Changed the relationship with my customers to equals, partners. This helped me in setting the correct price, sell myself as a valuable asset and also participating more in this relationship. Because we now clearly share 1 common value: “Making sure the project succeeds, no matter what!”

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Mobile Solutions Architect — Coffee Geek. Tech Freak. Entrepreneur — |