“The Branson-Nys Theorem”

If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business — it’s that simple

It’s a tweet by Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson.

The main goals I started my business was (let be completely honest here) money. I wanted to make more money by having the ability to work more.

Now.. 8 years in I earn a good living, but the main reason I’m in business now has changed: Making impact in people's life. Having your customers use the products you wrote/designed, the processes that optimised their business, it’s all more rewarding then the money.

And if you look at for example the bakery around the corner. They make an impact on people's life: Good cakes, to have a nice birthday party, The most delicious pastries, to treat your co-workers with a delicious breakfast. Even just providing (the most delicious) bread is making an impact.

What happens with that? People tell other people how good your product or service is/was. They tell about how your product or service has changed their lives. Other people will follow. If you can keep doing that, the money will follow.

But changing these people's lives is simple (you already know how, I’m sure), but it’s not easy. It will ask for hard work, doing what you should do for the people. It will reward in the end with a flourishing business.

PS: Still not able to access my 200wordsaday.com account..



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