The Startup Founder’s Guide to Analytics
Tristan Handy

Hello Tristan, I just read your founder´s guide to analytics. Thanks for publishing this article, it is really attracting and well-written content. Especially the first sections until the mid-stage inspired me to review my own experiences with data integration and analytics. I can confirm many of these issues you address, within a growing company it is always important to think about how to spend the limited ressources wisely and where to focus on. While reading the section about the early-stage I was wondering whether you have heard about Data Virtuality as a solution for data integration because you recommend the usage of fivetran or stitchdata. From my personal point of view Data Virtuality delivers here a better solution than those two others especially for fast growing businesses. My personal experience is that Data Virtuality is more agile and better scalable. 
Anyway, again thank you for this great piece of content. I hope you will continue writing these awesome posts!

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