Conspiracy, disorder, theories… anything but a plan.

There is much we don’t know about COVID 19, and understandable confusion about the pandemic. We’re all looking for ways to learn, to help and to share what we think we know. When there is such a hyper-saturation of available information we tend to drown in the noise.

Viral videos like ‘Plandemic’ spread disinformation; biased, agenda-driven theories based in opinion rather than on data. Disinformation can cause people to behave in dangerously harmful ways to themselves and to others.

As the video spreads, so has there been a spreading analysis of it. Some notable examples include Sara Fischer’s media insights at Axios, a set of data visualizations by Erin Gallagher, an investigation from ProPublica’s Marshall Allen and FactCheck‘s exhaustive analysis of all the claims. There is also an subset of the International Fact Checker Network focused on COVID 19 which is a global, independently researched resource. …

At dusk I saw the pugilist
Tape its hands once it
Had cracked its knuckles
Pulling on gloves before
Inhaling the sun
Smearing a bruise
Across the sky to disguise
A fleet footed step in
With haymaker windup
Landing howitzer punches
In flurries
Uppercuts by score
Jabs that shook the forest
Even proud dogs cowered
Under day beds and damp boards
The fighter brawled itself til just before dawn
Then expired in an
Exhausting spittle that tells
All who care to hear
Of immanent returns

The man you knew
No more
Has found his nothingness
A comfort
Among the rocks
Along the edged boundaries
The knife
Severing friendships
A pistol-whipped truth
Blank expression
Slightly stuttered
In a cracked tooth
Absent faith
Resolute in lacking
The faintest Doppler of hope
As the owl calls prayer
From it’s Elder mosque
In the feint
Of morning’s quiet
I ponder
What has become of you

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