This article will show you strategies you can use to build a great performing team at scale by being a servant leader, through the eyes of an Engineering Manager.

Doctolib has three missions: improve the daily life of healthcare personnel, improve patient access to healthcare and patient health and build a team of entrepreneurs with humanistic values. Here is a summary of my experiences as an engineering manager (EM) and how it contributes to these missions.

When I joined Doctolib four years ago, there was only one engineering manager. The concept of feature teams was fairly new to us, as…

illustration by Bailey McGinn

How We Handle Forms at Doctolib Then and Now

As your codebase grows larger and you begin to accumulate legacy code, it naturally becomes more and more difficult to work with. This concept is called technical debt, and the unfortunate outcome is that it requires extra work from the developer to implement features because the code is tough to understand and difficult to expand.

Racking up technical debt is unavoidable, yet treatable. The following article explains how we unified the process by which we build forms in an attempt to reduce our technical debt at Doctolib.

Looking back on our legacy

Over the years, we have gone through multiple ways of building forms either…

Matthieu Kern

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