A Light Nightmare

My soul lays dormant in the chamber of a revolver

Silent, still, ready to explode into the oblivion of violent death

Fear keeps the shiny metallic surface of my being a compact shell

The last traces of love have vanished with the light of a dimming reality

My dead eyes move and perceive but refuse to see

My hands shake with the tremble of fear playing a dull melody

BANG! The light floods into the void, the universe is born

Sweat, tears, longing, anger, sadness, hate, repentance, forgiveness, love

Ego dissolves, life force flows through the ether

I hear radar waves pulsing hitting my sailing soul

Again and again without end and without change

My eyes begin to open and peek through the crusty curtain of sleep

I reach over impulsively and turn the alarm off on my phone

My hands no longer shake and the illusion of the revolver has left

The light pours in like a cold bucket of water

Did I escape the metal encasing of my soul?

Is this the light I saw after the BANG!

Am I in heaven?

Or hell?

Or simply being with the image of nothingness haunting my dreams