On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

In all your research have you not come across any of Sanders amendments or did you not mention any of his accomplishments because you weren’t looking to write something with any resemblance of objectivity? 
Also you make assertions without any backing such as calling him sexist….that’s just poor on several levels, no explanation required. 
The fact of the matter is that Sanders has funded his campaign from citizens and has a unique relationship directly with his supporters that Clinton cannot claim because she is funded by big money, there is no getting around that. Dodd Frank is a waterdown bill which is a false sense of security, and the reason for that is because the banks own our government and at the end of the day they have invested heavily into Clinton. These things are conveniently left out of your piece. 
also you keep cleverly calling his agendas “promises”…complete hackery deserving of a prime time spot on Fox news. 
Not that I believe you won’t remove my comment, but I will leave the following for any of your readers who might otherwise be swayed by your writing.