Over the last few years I’ve been using a toolbox dedicated to workshop facilitation. As I used to carry it with me, many people felt quite interested about it, asking me where it’s possible to get it.

Hum.. actually I’ve never found a ready-to-use toolbox so I composed it myself. But it’s not a big deal, you just need to pick to right tools ;)

So here is what you need to buy to compose a great toolbox for UX designers but more generally for everyone facilitating a workshop or any collaborative work.

The tools

Selon une étude menée par Gallup, 86% des employés d’Europe de l’ouest sont peu enthousiastes et peu engagés dans leur travail. Pour une équipe, inculquer un état d’esprit positif et sain, où règnent l’enthousiasme et la confiance est devenu un facteur clé de succès.

Explorons quelques pistes de réflexion autour de l’écoute, la critique et la connaissance de soi.

Article issu de la chronique publiée dans le Magazine Intermédia spécial Agences du 26/09/2018.

Original photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

S’écouter et écouter les autres

Pour une collaboration saine, il faut s’écouter et être sensible aux sentiments de chacun.


L’écoute demande de la patience, une ouverture d’esprit et la volonté de comprendre.

Working abroad is an incredible professional and personal experience that completely changes the rest of your life.

But it’s better to be prepared for it so you can anticipate what you might experience, refine your expectations and build this rich experience.


Adapt to the culture and codes understanding how hard people work, if they have any specific ceremonies or habits you don’t have (weekly pub lunch, casual Fridays…) to be socially integrated and fit the company’s culture.

You must stay flexible as “rules” you have in your native country are not necessarily applied there. Or vice versa. For example: perhaps…

While 2015 was the year of material design and placed content at the centre of the digital communication, 2016 won’t be a revolution for interface design but it will see significant evolutions of 2015 trends achieving their full maturity; This will allow many opportunities for digital platforms to offer richer experiences.

Predictive Design and tailored experiences

In 2013, IBM declared that humanity had created 90% of data over the two previous years. In 2016, we can assume it will be more…

Aided by artificial intelligence, designers can now more accurately predict what users might be interested in based on data coming from different sources. These…

Let’s be more creative! Let’s captivate users. Don’t generate a good experience but a very rich one. Let’s create an engaging design!

As a UX designer, I noticed over the past few years that our job has been evolving quickly tending more and more towards creativity.

The CSS3 gave us new animation possibilities, the hardware are more and more powerful, the bandwidth speed is continuously growing. We have now this wonderful opportunity to highly improve the user experience even more than in previous years.

A UX designer can design interfaces that work, that have been accepted and validated during user…

We usually consider the Responsive Design as the solution by default for most of the multi-screen digital services. But it might not suit your expectations …

For several years now, the digital communication has known a revolution with this new technic to create multi-devices digital services: the responsive design. Along this period of time, several projects based on this technic have been released or have failed. Today it’s possible to get interesting insights about it.

The idea of this article is not to deny the obvious advantages of responsive design. But I want to talk about some disadvantages that we…

Matthieu Lerat

Lead Designer in Lyon - previously Paris & Sydney

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