As product designers, when we work on a design element we very often ask ourselves the following question:

The matter might be a tiny UI asset, but the stakes are huge:

😜 Making the right decision would make your DS sustainable, consistent & solid.

😱 Making the bad decision would break your DS over time and create debt.

So? Green or red wire?

That’s why we came up with this decision tree to help us make the best decisions.

Troops Design System Decision Tree

Pour optimiser le travail entre designer et développeur, nous devons parler le même langage et s’intégrer mutuellement dans nos processus de production afin d’éviter la rupture, mais au contraire fluidifier la communication et l’échange des informations.

Au delà d’une méthodologie scrum qui pourrait exister, il faut que les designers se rapprochent des méthodes de fonctionnement des développeurs. Souvent les designers travaillent dans leur monde peu processé, peu agile. …

Over the last few years I’ve been using a toolbox dedicated to workshop facilitation. As I used to carry it with me, many people felt quite interested about it, asking me where it’s possible to get it.

Hum.. actually I’ve never found a ready-to-use toolbox so I composed it myself…

While 2015 was the year of material design and placed content at the centre of the digital communication, 2016 won’t be a revolution for interface design but it will see significant evolutions of 2015 trends achieving their full maturity; This will allow many opportunities for digital platforms to offer richer…

Let’s be more creative! Let’s captivate users. Don’t generate a good experience but a very rich one. Let’s create an engaging design!

As a UX designer, I noticed over the past few years that our job has been evolving quickly tending more and more towards creativity.

The CSS3 gave us…

We usually consider the Responsive Design as the solution by default for most of the multi-screen digital services. But it might not suit your expectations …

For several years now, the digital communication has known a revolution with this new technic to create multi-devices digital services: the responsive design. Along…

Matthieu Lerat

Lead Designer

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