Over the last few years I’ve been using a toolbox dedicated to workshop facilitation. As I used to carry it with me, many people felt quite interested about it, asking me where it’s possible to get it.

Hum.. actually I’ve never found a ready-to-use toolbox so I composed it myself. But it’s not a big deal, you just need to pick to right tools ;)

So here is what you need to buy to compose a great toolbox for UX designers but more generally for everyone facilitating a workshop or any collaborative work.

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The tools

How to get them?

Here is my Amazon US list: http://a.co/i1PmHj1

Voici ma liste Amazon France : http://amzn.eu/2rLioIo

Ready-to-use documents

As UX designers we always need a bit of a support to run our workshop properly such as:

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Lead Designer in Lyon - previously Paris & Sydney

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