1. If you can’t choose wisely, choose randomly
  2. The aftermath of a West Coast earthquake
  3. Should we believe in infinity?
  4. Half-Earth
  5. ‘Big Ideas’ are destroying international development
  6. ‘Reification Shielding’
  7. What is Code?
  8. The Obama Doctrine + a Critique
  9. Will you be able to read this article in 1,000 years?
  10. AI and the future of civilization
  11. Global Geologic Map of Ganymede,
  12. & more…

”How to Choose? When your reasons are worse than useless, sometimes the most rational choice is a random stab in the dark”

“After The Big One: An Immersive, Reported Science Fiction Saga About Surviving the Coming Mega-Quake”

“When Your Calling Seems Vague and Unclear, You’re on the Right Track”

”Should We Believe in Infinity?”


Half of the Earth’s Surface and seas must be dedicated to the conservation of nature, or humanity will have no future (~E.O. Wilson)

“Why E O Wilson is Wrong About How to Save the Earth”

”Stop Trying to Save the World”

Big Ideas are Destroying International Development

“Has the randomized trial movement has put the auditors in charge of the R&D department?”

”Half-assing it with everything you’ve got”

Succeed, with no wasted motion

”When it’s Good to be Bad”

A lapse now and then can benefit the pursuit of excellence

”Reification Shielding”

”Use Unique, Non-Obvious Terms for Nuanced Concepts”

”Taboo Your Words”

”What is Code?”

”The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling by Ted Chiang”

“Philosophy is a Bunch of Empty Ideas”

Interview with Peter Unger

“The Pyrrhonian Skeptic: Katja Maria Vogt”

“The Obama Doctrine”

The U.S. president talks through his hardest decisions about America’s role in the world

“Barack Obama’s Revolution in Foreign Policy”

“When you think you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s tempting to make up your own grand strategy.”

“Your Phone Was Made By Slaves”

A Primer on the Secret Economy

“The Cruelty of Kindness”

‘No kill’ animal rescue is a disaster for animal welfare

“Will You Be Able to Read this Article in 1,000 Years?”

“Researchers overturn landmark study on the replicability of psychological science”

“Everything You Know About Artificial Intelligence is Wrong”

“Consciousness Creep”

Our machines could become self-aware without our knowing it. We need a better way to define and test for consciousness

”AI & The Future of Civilization”

A Conversation with Stephen Wolfram

”AI Visionary Eliezer Yudkowsky on the Singularity, Bayesian Brains and Closet Goblins”

“Jaan Tallinn on Existential Risk”

“Existential Risks: Analyzing Human Extinction Scenarios and Related Hazards”

“Welcome to the Age of Weapons Containment”

“Introducing the Subfield of Agential Riskology”

“It’s Complicated: Is Technology Making the World Indecipherable?”


The 2016 Campaign is Putting the Most Influential Political Science Book in Recent Memory to a Stiff Test

“An estimate of the expected influence of becoming a politician”

“Spies Sans Frontières?”

“Is There a War Instinct?”

Many Evolutionists Believe That Humans have a drive for waging war. But they are wrong and the idea is dangerous.

“Injustice Can Spread”

How the Chain of Unfair Behavior Can be Stopped

“The flawed analogy between nuclear and cyber deterrence”

“Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming”

Genetic Engineering Will One Day Create The Smartest Humans Who Have Ever Lived

“The Free-Speech Fallacy”

”The Microaggressions of Immigration”

“[Writing] Level 1 Intelligent Characters”


“If Babies were randomly allocated to families, would racism end?”

“The Physics of Space Battles”

“What primary school children can teach academic philosophers”

“Selfies, Dating, and the American 14-Year Old”

“Trident is Vulnerable”

“Tim Urban — Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator”

“Breathing Earth Simulation”

“Global Geologic Map of Ganymede”