15 years old and sold a company

Short introduction

I’m Matthijs Otterloo, a 15 years old Full-stack developer, designer and internet entrepreneur from Soest, The Netherlands and also a big fan of Apple 😜. Oh, and I’m a student at Het Griftland College (a high school in Soest). If you’re curious where Soest is located, here’s a Google Maps link. I’m also a freelance web developer/designer for companies. For more information about myself and my skills please checkout my personal website.

My first company

When I was 13 years old, I founded my first company called Veth & Otterloo VOF together with my friend. We started with a website called rondjeterschelling.nl. At this website you could find all activities on Terschelling (an Island from The Netherlands.), we earned money by selling advertisements to local companies or by ranking search results on the homepage. It was a big success so we decided to expand the idea to a bigger website called rondjewaddeneilanden.nl (this replaced the old website) where you could find activities on all Islands of The Netherlands.


In 2015 my friends Joran Iedema, David Schogt, David Knap and Wouter Florijn founded Cycleswap (cycleswap.nl). Cycleswap is a platform that enables individuals to rent or list bicycles, safe and easy.” Two months after they founded Cycleswap, I joined the team as a Full-stack developer/designer. Together with Wouter Florijn I took care of the platform’s web development. I even worked on a mobile app for iOS (which was never released).

Selling Cycleswap

Last month we got contacted by Spinlister (spinlister.com), our largest competitor, for a Skype call. In this call Spinlister expressed that it was interested in buying Cycleswap. We discussed their offer with the team and decided to do it! This is a major opportunity for us, as we’re all quite young (between 15 and 22 years old). I can now say that I’m a 15 year old student, entrepreneur and developer that sold his first company. The acquisition received substantial media coverage in the Netherlands. We’re now working on a new initiative (with the same team).

With this story I hope to inspire other young entrepreneurs to start their own company and go for it. Life your dream and believe in yourself!

Thanks for reading my story!



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