Burning passion. No action.

I am struggling. I’ve got some great ideas (at least, I’m very content with my plans for a book, a new training, a new website and much more). I’m inspired, engaged. Working on these ideas feels worthwhile and I’ve got time to work on it. So, start right away, right? Sadly, it didn’t turn out to be so easy.

Somebody told me a brilliant metaphor in a provocative coaching session (thanks Jurgen Kuipers). “So, if I understand it correctly: there’s this great fire burning right in front of your house! Wow! Full of all these great ideas and inspiration! But… you sit still inside your house and don’t do a thing? Must be very important for you, I suppose.” That helped me to refocus. I had a plan, thought it valuable and had the time. But that’s not enough to get started. In my case, I needed more faith and clarity on how to get started.

Perhaps you’ll recognize this. You really do want to work, but you don’t get yourself to do it. I suggest you’ll start searching for what works for you. Some people say you need to be mean to yourself (e.g. Jon Westenberg). For me, that doesn’t work. I thrive on thinking what works well for me and copying that behavior. I discovered that outlining the first baby step really helps me to get started. Allowing myself to fail completely also works well — no worries about whether it’s good enough already.

What works for you?

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