Why after a year of #libdempint, I won’t be renewing my membership
Josh Lachkovic

As one who nearly joined, this is what I feared.

I really wanted to see genuine alternatives that most of us who are despondent with the current government (and the previous 3 or 4 before that one) would believe in.

I am scared at the lack of opposition right now, it is harming the country. I just don’t see the alternatives coming from the mouths of those in the Lib Dem camp and that’s a problem, not just for the future of the party but the future of politics.

Farron; nice enough, but per the rest of the party, lacking in direction. British politics is ripe for a party to come in and challenge the A-holes in charge right now, and (finally) expose Labour for what it is.

Or should I say was.

Please sort it out Liberal Democrats, there are lots of votes out there waiting for you, mine included. We don’t need a leaflet, we need a united party with policy that makes sense!

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