It’s 2019 and I Still Make Websites with my Bare Hands

(Had to kill the first size calculation since it was spinning my CPU.)

“But how does this part work? Like, what is it actually doing?” I ask.

I usually get blank stares. They almost never know.

How Papa Parse got fat

How I (still) make my websites

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>I code stuff with my bare hands</title>
<meta charset="utf-8">
Hi there
* { margin: 0; padding: 0; box-sizing: border-box; }body {
font-size: 18px;
color: #333;
p {
line-height: 1.4em;


  • the website code base smaller,
  • managing your dev environment easier,
  • debugging faster and more universally solvable
  • your web server configuration simpler (believe me, I know)
  • your web sites load faster,



  • I love the simplicity of your website design. Did you make it yourself, or use a template/theme?
  • Your website is an example of what good web design should look like. It’s fast, clean, doesn’t load extraneous crap and almost all of it works without JavaScript.
  • I’m curious what framework or tool you used to build your documentation site! It’s very nice and clean.

My process

The point

  • a vastly smaller code base;
  • fewer bugs;
  • better intuition;
  • shorter, more efficient, debugging sessions;
  • higher knowledge transfer;
  • and more flexible, future-proof software architecture;




I code stuff with my bare hands.

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Matt Holt

Matt Holt

I code stuff with my bare hands.

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