Network environments are growing increasingly hostile. Freedoms of speech, religion, and press are being diminished. The right to privacy is challenged globally on multiple fronts. For these and other reasons, you may find it valuable to add an extra layer of security and privacy to your Internet connection.

This is…

I lament the reality in which I share this thought because I’m not sure I’m comfortable with what it reveals about the human objective. But I think computers will stop getting faster.

We’re already seeing it happen. And I’m not just talking about the physical limitations imposed by the laws…

Agency, or the power to choose, is the great problem to be solved

A brief introduction

Computers are really good at solving problems. Usually.

A lot of computer science research is devoted to algorithms, or step-by-step procedures for solving problems.The way you learned to multiply numbers in grade school is an algorithm. Food recipes are algorithms. Musical scores are algorithms. You get the idea.

“Computer science…

Matt Holt

I code stuff with my bare hands.

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