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You could save the lives of 4 people a month until this pandemic is over. One in ten people in the United States is carrying a superpower around with them.

This power is remarkable in a time where very little feels within our grasp and most of us feel like…

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I’m writing from the examination room of our veterinarian’s office. A hard and cold concrete floor is under my feet; animal and cleaner smells mix strangely together as they only can in a vet’s office; a computer with a random screensaver on flickers from across the exam room. Our family…

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The United States is the land of self-reliance and bootstrap entrepreneurs. Why do so many people have massive credit card debt?

“Americans owe nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt, and that’s an all-time record high according to a report out this week from the Federal Reserve. And delinquencies, or…

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Last week, for the five hundredth time, my kids took 15 minutes to brush their teeth. They just ignored me when I told them to do it. Things got ugly. Raised voices, threats, raised voices in return, not fun. What’s causing this, and how do I fix it?

Am I the problem? Probably!

My kids…

You set a big goal. Then you wake up six months later and realize you are no closer to that goal than you were six months ago. You get frustrated, and you give up. What happened? What distracted you from making progress?

Sick and Tired

You are sick and tired of trying to…

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You can transform your research team meetings from a dreaded time into a time you and your team enjoy and cannot function without. Here are some simple suggestions that you can take and make your own.

Always Have an Agenda

It sounds silly. But how many meetings have you been inited to where you…

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Call me crazy, but my best days are days when my inbox stays open less than 1 hour. These are the days when I am checking the big things off my todo list. When I shut down for the night I feel I have just crushed my day. …

Do you have someone in your life you can call a mentor? I don’t, and that is sad. The more I’ve matured the more disappointed I’ve become because I missed the opportunity to find a mentor of my own.

Reading The Coaching Habit showed me how easy it might be…

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Culture defeats strategy, every time.

Seth Godin

It happens, you wonder how in the world other professors continue to pour out students who go onto successful careers and write articles that go on to be important pieces of the scientific literature. Year over year those who have had success in…

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Dad of 3 🤩. Learning about using blockchain technology to finance WASH in developing countries. Profits from writing go to

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