Connect DataGrip with Apache drill running on a container

Mattia Casotto
Mar 3 · 2 min read

I wanted to test Apache Drill and, since I am a fan of JetBrains software solutions, I wanted to send the queries through DataGrip.

As Drill is not supported by default, we need to install the JAR for the JDBC, link them to DataGrip and then link in a meanignful way datagrips and Docker.

As described here: we can download the driver from the latest version. Mind to download the compiled tar (that means not containing src in the filename. Download and extract it in a folder.

In the meantime, you should run docker through these commands ( which ar e slightly different than Detached mode as explained here)

`docker run -i — name drill-1.15.0 -p 8047:8047 -p 31010:31010 — detach -t drill/apache-drill:1.15.0 /bin/bash`

`winpty docker exec -it drill-1.15.0 bash`


Here it is vital to : expose the port 31010 when creating the container and to run `/opt/drill/bin/drill-localhost`(this will run the instance on a precise drillbit (port) instead of having ZooKeeper to create one random for you).

If you click test connection, everything should go fine :)

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