I was watching a cop television show recently and a thought had occurred to me: are our police force members not trained to take a punch?

In my observation of television and film in which police play a role, there are, for sure, a fair amount of scenes involving coming to a door, finding the latch broken, and proceeding to draw a weapon to enter. Stand offs are common place. Guns are being reached for at every appropriate scenario (unless it’s a commentary on today’s hot button topics, in which case the wrong escalation of force will be used.) Yet…

How To Enter the Multi-verse

  1. Get a text from your friend. He’s out of town, but he wants you to meet up with someone. Says she’s in town for a month and wants to get into some photo and video stuff while she’s here. He gives you no name, but you do get a location and a time. You were on your way home. It’s Friday night. Typically you’d already be there with no plans, probably catching up on some TV shows with your cats and dog. You’re not sure about this. Who is this person anyway? Are you really…

I once believed I was destined for great things, but now I’m just scraping by

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Everywhere man blames nature and fate, yet his fate is mostly but the echo of his character and passions, his mistakes and weaknesses.

There was a certain amount of destiny surrounding my birth.

I assume my mother went into labor on Christmas Eve. I never asked about the exact circumstances of that night, but I know I was born around 2am. Had I been born on the west coast perhaps I might have missed destiny altogether. Time zones were on my side though, because December 25th, 1986 became my official birthdate. I like to imagine it was snowing.


Stuck in the service industry, I found myself making compromises in my passions and values. But I could only blame myself.

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It’s approximately 1:30 am.

I weave through a maze of cars leading towards the backyard carrying a six-pack of craft beer. Stout, in case you’re wondering. I don’t like the hosts’ repeated choice of Lone Star (the National Beer of Texas) or PBR (the working man’s beer), so I snagged my own. Sometimes they have kegs. But they reserve those for special occasions like Halloween, a birthday party, or that time when they still had a half barrel left over from a private function.

Despite the late hour, the party is just getting started and I’m not the only one…

I love all my exes. We get along just fine. I think that’s the problem.

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I had a conversation last night with a good friend about how different He and I have approached our relationships after a breakup. He is friends with, and contacts regularly, most of his exes; whereas I don't normally have an ongoing friendship after a breakup. What's interesting is we both thought our own experiences were "abnormal" in the views of society. I have, at times, wished I was able to approach relationships more like him, and vice versa; yet in practice neither of us really do. It made me wonder what we consider normal.

I've often been lauded for my…

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When I finished my contract with the U.S. Navy, in 2009, I had a lot of goals and intentions. One of them: Don’t cut my hair. I always preferred long hair, and after four years of high-and-tights and pushing the 4” limit on the top of my noggin, I was determined to get my hair back to it’s former glory. Well — glory is an exaggeration — as no teenager with curly hair in high school could be considered to have “glorious” hair. Nonetheless, there was a semblance of freedom of finally having the choice to not cut my hair…

I admit — that last item is pretty specific. I suppose the answer is not that exciting either. The truth of the matter is Nero, the strong one, had been scratching at his ears for a while — something I thought was leftover from flea issues previously or might be ear mites. In any case, I don’t have the money for Vet appointments, so I tried my best to diagnose and buy cheap medicines to help combat the problems based on what I read on the internet. …

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Like most humans, I saw The Last Jedi on its opening weekend, and like some movie nerds, I’m acutely aware of the divisiveness of the eighth chapter in the Skywalker saga. The backlash is deafening. There are so many people who have been hurt by Rian Johnson’s vision that it is, quite frankly, overwhelming. I mention this to say two things: one, a lot has already been written in an attempt to make sense of this phenomenon, and two…

I’m not one of them.

Let’s make something clear: I think The Last Jedi is the perfect sequel, and once enough…

A crush is like a wave.

Imagine you’re standing in the ocean, your back towards the sea, about waist deep in the surf. You don’t know when it might come, but the current picks up right before it happens. Pulling back just before the wave impacts, engulfs, and passes over you as it continues onwards, tapering off just before, the beach.

Emotions happen. Much like the waves of the ocean, there is very little we can do to control them. In fact, I’d say we’re quite powerless when it comes to crushes — or infatuation. …

Mattias Alegro Marasigan

Actor. Video-Grapher. Contributor to Heartsupport. www.mattiasalegro.com

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